About us

Ujjwal India Foundation” is a domestic NGO. We are working to get everyone basic right to Live, Learn, Be Protected from Dreadful Diseases and help poor patients, student, women victims. We are giving moral & financial support to enable them to fight against the odds of life.

We started this non-profitable organisation on the philosophy that genuine results can come only when the feelings originate from the heart. We are lucky that all of our dedicated team members have this common characteristic. There is true sympathy for the people who come to us. Each one is willing to go out of their way to help. Your Donation will be exempted under Section 80 G (50%) and exemption of the Income Tax Act 1961.

We believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. Following this model of Civic Driven Change, Ujjwal India Foundation sensitizes and engages the civil society, making it an active partner in all its welfare initiatives.

Today, 5 million children in India are out of school – surrounded by poverty, illness and despair; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Together, we can bring hope in their lives. Together, we can bring change and make it last.

Block - K, Shyam Nagar,
Behind Pacific Mall, New Delhi - 110018