Elderly Care

Elderly care: A social responsibility

Right from inception Ujjwal India Foundation's goal has been to provide the best possible services the old people living in the home, without compromising on the quality of services. Even though setting up many of the services being provided to the old people in Ujjwal India Foundation's, involved quite an investment, Ujjwal India Foundation's, with its immense goodwill and generous supporters have been able to mobilize resources to set up these services.

Our aim is to provide all the best possible comforts and facilities to all our citizens. We wish to continue doing better than the best in the coming years, starting with this year. Further, we are help orphan boys and girls and make them grow as promising citizens of the country.

We reach out to destitute elderly people and help them to overcome poverty; in times of natural calamities such as floods we rescue the very old and very young people, who are the most vulnerable. A majority of 71% of the elderly population lives in rural India and 29% in the urban. Factors like literacy level, economic independence, age-old dependency ratio, diseases and other health impacts vary.

Due to economic dependency, elderly women suffer the most. All elderly persons are vulnerable to disabilities, dementia and other physical and mental ailments. Around 6.4% of elderly in rural areas and 5.5% in urban areas suffer from at least one or more of these, the later being more susceptible to stress-related disorders like heart diseases and blood pressure.

With rapid urbanisation and a shift in socio-economic priorities, traditional family structures and values have changed. The trend of small, nuclear families is more prevalent than joint families.

To make matters worse, the rising rate of old-age illnesses and lack of affordable geriatric services adds pressure on families. Illiteracy, poor financial savings/opportunities and fast-paced life leave the elderly neglected and cared for. Ujjwal India Foundation endeavors to fill the gaps in elderly care by providing much-needed services and support to the aged. We are working with partner organisations to provide medical counseling and services, livelihood options, and facilities for yoga and recreational entertainment.