The main focus of our organisation is also assist women in gaining psychology, economy and financial autonomy at the same time as well the liquor addiction must be alleviated. This programme main aims to develop an effective educational and asset building model for woman in Surguja District that can be easily adapted to the local conditions and contribute to their empowerment. THe main objective of the programme is that women increase skill and knowledge in literacy, saving and creadit and livelihood empowerment. Ujjwal India foundation have also been organizing various type of training programmes for the members of Mahila Mandal and have been dissemination information on different dynamics of S.H.G and schemes through regular meetings, leaflets demonstration charts etc. THe memeber of Mahila Mandal have planned to build up a string monetary base throught regural savings. Strategically, they have planned to take-up strong income-generating activities in a group such as stitching, knitting, farming, support, the member have not been able in accomplishing their plane. However with some financial and technical support. They have dream to fulfil plans in the future.

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